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TL;DR: I wrote an article for the Codeship blog.

About two months ago, Manuel Weiss asked me if I would be interested in writing original content for the Codeship blog. Manuel is one of Codeship’s co-founders; I felt honored that he reached out to me. I was thrilled by the opportunity to guest post on a well-known tech blog, which is something that aligns well with my writing goals. (To be honest, getting paid for my work certainly didn’t hurt either.)

Now all I needed was an engaging topic for the blog’s audience. Docker is all the rage these days and I already had a lot of experience in using it for building Debian packages. And so, unsurprisingly, I decided to write about that. I crafted a short outline and pitched it to their editor. They accepted my idea and I was off writing…

Head over to the Codeship blog and read the final article, Using Docker to build Debian packages, to learn how and why I developed a build system for Debian packages at Jimdo.

PS: While I finished the article in time, I made my life much harder than it had to be. Let me give you this piece of advice: working on an article with a deadline and moving to another home should not be done at the same time.

Update: Reactions

Looks like my first article for Codeship has been well received. It was featured in Docker Weekly and Changelog Weekly. People also said some nice things about it on Twitter: