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I think it’s time for something new.

After having blogged regularly for the past 18 months, I feel ready to embark on a new journey. As someone who loves sharing ideas online, I’m always looking for ways to better connect with my readers. I’ve come to the realization that blogging alone – and a bit of writing for other sites now and then – might not be the best way to reach out to you. Also, I like to experiment and try doing things differently from time to time. That’s why I made a decision. Instead of publishing posts here, I’m going to put all of my creative energy into another writing project:

I’m excited to announce the Production Ready newsletter – a newsletter about the art of building resilient infrastructure and delightful tools in the era of distributed computing.

Yes, you’re reading it right. I’m starting a fucking newsletter!

Why a newsletter?

I want to make it clear that, no, I did not take any classes in content marketing, nor am I planning to pull together some kind of sales funnel because I’m in desperate need of money.

The reason I’m starting a newsletter is email. Email is still the most widely used one-to-many communication channel available. With a newsletter, you get permission to send your work directly to the inbox of your subscribers, where it is likely to get more attention than in any RSS reader or social media feed. Email is more personal and direct than a blog or Twitter will ever be.

I’m only subscribed to a handful of newsletters myself, in part to get updates on topics I’m interested in. However, newsletters that merely collect links without adding content of their own aren’t that interesting to me. I prefer the ones that tell an engaging story each time there’s a new issue in my inbox. And that’s exactly what I’m trying to do with the Production Ready newsletter.

What’s in for you

If you like my blog, in particular the technical pieces I wrote, then the Production Ready newsletter is for you! In contrast to my blog, the newsletter will be about technical topics only. Here are a couple things I want to write about (sorry for the buzzword bingo):

  • Container clusters
  • Microservices
  • Cloud system administration
  • Resilience testing
  • Secrets management
  • Go programming

In what I write, I will draw on my experience as a professional programmer and toolsmith, especially the infrastructure work I’ve been doing at Jimdo since 2013 (most recently, building our own PaaS). Needless to say, I will continue to explore new technologies and share my learnings with you.

Starting in February, I’ll write one article every other week and share it with my mailing list.

Subscribe now

If all this sounds interesting to you, please subscribe to the Production Ready newsletter.

I will never abuse the privilege to send you an email. I will never send you random offers or sell your information to anyone. What I do want is your permission to send you my thoughts.


PS: Please do me a favor and spread the word about my newsletter. Thank you!