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Last week I sent out the 10th issue of Production Ready!

I started the mailing list on February 10, without a clue what to expect. Here we are, almost 20 weeks later, and I’m still publishing articles consistently (one article every other week). I still enjoy the writing, and more importantly, the research and thinking that go along with it.

I hope you, in turn, like what I have to say.

The articles

If you missed one of my articles, here’s a list of direct links for your convenience:

  1. Chaos Engineering 101
  2. Chaos Engineering: A Shift in Mindset
  3. How to succeed at infrastructure automation
  4. Complacency: The Enemy of Resilience
  5. Unintended Consequences
  6. Bring your tools with you
  7. Chaos Monkey for Fun and Profit
  8. Fast Feedback Is Everything
  9. Simplicity: A Prerequisite for Reliability
  10. A Little Story about Amazon ECS, systemd, and Chaos Monkey

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Readers of this blog might notice that 3 of those articles are actually revised versions of posts originally published here; only 7 articles are 100% new content. I think that recycling old posts is a good way to expose them – in an improved version – to a different audience that may not know my work yet. Nothing to feel bad about.

Speaking of audience, here are some hard numbers.

Some hard numbers

According to the stats provided by Medium, people really dig my articles on Chaos Engineering (which are regularly picked up by other newsletters):

Medium Stats

As of writing, Production Ready has almost 200 subscribers – 200 people who give me the permission to send my work directly to their inbox (with a current open rate of 60%). I still believe that email is more personal and direct than a blog or Twitter could ever be, and I’ll continue to put a lot of effort into writing useful content and growing my list.

Here’s to the next 10 Production Ready articles!