Podcasts: 2016 edition

Before the year is over, I thought it would be fun to give you an updated list of my favorite podcasts, just as I did in 2015. Without further ado, here we go.

My favorite business podcasts

Over time, I noticed that I’m really into interview podcasts – two people talking about an interesting topic for 1-2 hours. Business podcasts fit this very well. My favorite ones are:

My favorite tech podcasts

Sometimes I also enjoy tech podcasts. I’m more picky with my choice though and skip episodes more often than usual.

Podcasts I quit

I stopped listening to:

Overcast is still my go-to podcast player. The iOS app is now free for almost everything, with an optional patronage for ad-free use and file uploads. Smart Speed and Voice Boost are still kicking ass. I love the new dark theme. I like the fact that I can also access my podcasts via the web application. It’s fair to say that Overcast made me addicted to podcasts.

Speaking of addiction, I try to limit the total number of different podcast shows on my iPhone to 10. Anything more than that makes catching up too stressful and time-consuming for me.

I listen to podcasts on my commute to work, during workouts, or late in bed when my eyes need a rest. Next to reading, podcasts have been the greatest inspiration for my writing.

Happy podcasting!