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On 1 January 2013, I signed up on Coderwall – a place for developers to share tips and connect with one another. I’ve been posting programming-related tips on Twitter for quite some time now and had always wanted to collect them somewhere. Coderwall seemed to be a good fit.

I ended up sharing a tip – or “protip” in Coderwall speak – each workday in January, covering topics like Git/GitHub, Shell, C, Ruby, Chef, and Vagrant. 22 protips in total. I’ve put together a list of them below.

I got 22 Protips, but Java ain’t one

If you like any of my tips, I would appreciate your vote, of course.

How come?

I did this to practice writing and share some useful information along the way. After all, the only way to get better at writing is to write. It’s better to produce small bits of content regularly than to fail at writing full-blown blog posts (something I’ve been struggling with lately). Writing a couple of sentences a day can make all the difference. I hope this blog benefits from the exercise. Or maybe it already has.

Update (2013-02-04)

This post was quite well received in the Coderwall community. In fact, four of my tips took over the Featured Protips for a short time. Thanks for that!

Coderwall Featured Protips