New Blog and New Employer

1 minute read

It all started with this tweet of mine:

Getting myself more familiar with Jekyll. I can no longer stand this Octopress theme. It's everywhere. — Mathias Lafeldt (@mlafeldt) February 24, 2013

And that’s what I did. I ditched Octopress and learned how Jekyll actually works. I decided to start over with a minimal layout and only add the things I really need (remember, I’m a systems engineer, not a web designer). My new blog is based on Left – a clean, whitespace-happy Jekyll theme by Zach Holman.

After cloning Left’s Git repository, I did the following:

  • converted my blog posts to straight Jekyll (no more Octopress plugins)
  • added a brand new Projects page that lists my Open Source contributions
  • tweaked the CSS a bit (I’m still not happy with the code highlighting)
  • added a bit of JavaScript (Disqus & Google Analytics)
  • wrote a handful of Rake tasks from scratch (this must be a joke)

The result is what you can see here. I hope you like it.

To do full justice to the post’s title, I would like to announce that I’m now working at Jimdo. My official job title is DevOps Ninja. Let’s find out what that means. I’m excited.