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After years of contemplation, I finally gathered enough courage and gave my first presentation at a tech conference. Together with my coworker Paul Seiffert, I spoke about Wonderland, Jimdo’s PaaS, at ContainerDays Hamburg.

The preparation was quite exhausting and not everything went well at the conference (we had to speak one hour earlier than scheduled – during lunch time). Still, the overall experience was great! The talk itself went well and we had an engaged audience asking good questions. I also met some friends and former colleagues from Hamburg, and it was a welcome change to have such an event take place close to home.

If you want to learn more about our presentation at ContainerDays, check out the abstract and slides below. As a matter of fact, most of the articles I write for my mailing list are based on lessons I learned while working at Jimdo (most recently on Wonderland), so give them a read as well.


In this talk we’re going to introduce you to Wonderland, Jimdo’s in-house PaaS for microservices. Wonderland provides Jimdo developers with an API and other tools that make deploying Dockerized applications easy. Our PaaS utilizes Amazon ECS to run Docker containers on a CoreOS cluster in EC2. Besides those basic building blocks, we integrate different external services for metrics and logging.

We’ll show how Wonderland works under the hood, what we like and what we don’t like about the current setup, and how our teams are using the platform for running services in production.